One Platform For All Deal Syndications

Private capital markets haven’t really changed over the last three decades. As capital markets and technology experts, we build deal syndication tools for banks and financial institutions to embrace the platform model of tomorrow.

We’re about digitising private placements and syndicated loans to deliver end-to-end execution.

Facilitating Collaboration

HUBX platforms facilitate collaboration between banks and their institutional clients, connect syndicate desks with the rest of the organisation and simplify execution. Each network hub is private, ensuring that our clients’ data is always protected.

Founded in 2015, HUBX has delivered state of the art platforms for institutions like London Stock Exchange Group and Barclays and partnered with leading financial technology firms like Finastra.


Our Mission

We want to help banks adapt quickly and seamlessly to the rapid digital transformation that is driving private capital markets today.

By connecting all participants on their own terms, HUBX will help accelerate deal execution, reduce costs, and introduce standardisation and automation into the market.

By offering unrivalled customer experience and dynamic insights and tools to their clients, banks will harness the true potential of their data and the network effect.

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Our Values

Privacy is Golden

We take privacy and security very seriously and our ISO certifications are a testament to this commitment. At HUBX we design our solutions to ensure our clients data and trust is protected at every step.

Many Disciplines, One Team

We know it takes many minds to build great products. With respect, collaboration and diversity embedded throughout the team, we all strive to achieve a common goal, to drive success for our clients.

Always Innovate

Our job is never done. We learn from other sectors and about new technologies. We break apart our products to simplify and create connections that have been elusive so far. We bring together the best people from different backgrounds to harness creativity.

Clients (and Their Clients)

At HUBX we design our solutions to solve the biggest pain points of our clients. Change is rarely comfortable, so we have a full-service approach ensuring our clients feel safe adopting the cutting-edge software we build.

Non-negotiable Transparency

HUBX works with organisations and partners who trust us. We work transparently with our clients to gain and never lose this trust.

Leadership Team

Stephen Ong
Pablo Vergara
Marko Milosevic
Axel Coustere
Senior Advisor

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