An Exchange built for Advisors

HUBX democratises the Private Markets serving Corporate Advisors, Brokers and Placement Agents, whatever their size. 

Cutting edge technology delivers unrivalled investor discovery, swift deal execution and low transaction fees without the burden of over regulation.

Private Yet Connected

Every Advisor gets their own account to manage multiple deals and investors with all the data, tools and connectivity for swift deal distribution & execution.

Discover new investors beyond your network and get introduced through trusted relationships for accelerated access.

HUBX provides our members with the data they need to identify which other Advisors they should work with to close their deals faster.

All in Private.

Connections are Everything

The success of our members relies on being able to complete a successful capital raise or private placement for their corporate clients. This requires access to the right investors quickly and accurately. Our unique investor discovery algorithm, with over 500 data points, connects you to the right advisor to access relevant investors to close your deals faster.
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Collaboration not Disintermediation

Most exchanges focus on serving companies and investors. We believe companies and Investors are best served by their Advisors. We connect Advisors so they can share investors or deals on a mutually agreed basis.

Connecting your Ecosystem


With deep enterprise experience working with the LSEG and Euronext, HUBX can be deployed as a turnkey solution to connect a whole ecosystem of advisor and investor networks.

We trust HUBX with key technologies and innovation, working hand-in-hand to define the next generation of digital solutions for private placements and capital raising for high growth, ambitious companies.

Joining HUBX has been game changing for our business and provides the technology backbone to our distribution and execution processes. The team are helpful and client centric.

HUBX enables us to manage all our capital raises seamlessly, allowing us to focus on our corporate clients and scale our business. Being able to collaborate with other advisors will help us grow our fund raising capability going forward.

Luca Peyrano, CEO, ELITE, LSEG
C Siniscalco, CEO, FC-PARTNERS


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