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Given today's digital changes, would this platform work with smart contracts on a Blockchain or on NFT Tokens ?

Blockchain technology and NFT Tokens are something which HUBX is looking at very closely. We are working with experts and thought leaders in this space to assess institutional adoption within the market. For HUBX, keys to adoption for such technologies include interoperability, data privacy and scalability, regardless of the specific framework that is used. We believe that Blockchain and DLT technology provide significant opportunities across the full value stream of syndicated lending and the broader private markets, with huge potential benefits in terms of bringing efficiencies, smart contracts and better auditing to the market. However, currently, it seems that adoption by large institutions is still at a nascent stage and we don’t yet see any established consensus on which technologies will become more widespread. Currently, we are able to leverage other mature technologies that allow us to provide immediate value to our clients. As they mature, we will continue to assess Blockchain initiatives in this space to identify the areas of greatest value to banks and established exchanges.