In what sense is HUBX a white-label solution and how does this effect the branding and user experience?

In regards to white-labelling, there are 3 main themes; URLs and addresses, communications sent from the platform and branding. 

For URLs and address for your platform, HUBX is designed to accommodate Client URLs for the site address (for example Similarly, email addresses, (for all communication elements in the platform), can be configured for the client. 

Communications sent from the platform would be personalised and customised in-line with client's templates and communication framework. These templates, invitations and other communications would be determined during the deployment phases.

In regards to branding, HUBX is design to accommodate each client's individual brand to ensure consistency throughout the user experience (this includes logo and colour scheme). These elements are reflected throughout the platform so both internal users within the client organisation as well as external users (i.e. Lenders) have the same experience.

During the on-boarding and deployment phases, HUBX ensures all white-label elements are signed off by the client prior to the distribution of any opportunities to your network. 

It's important to highlight that HUBX has API’s to allow our clients to plug in other applications. These could be CRM’s, KYC or communication tools.