A New Standard In Loan Syndication

HUBX platforms transform loan syndication deal distribution for banks by connecting into core systems to deliver dynamic data insights and a richer customer experience.
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Deploy End-to-End Syndicated Lending

HUBX platforms connect seamlessly via APIs with your Origination, CRM and back office Administration platforms, such as Fusion Loan IQ, to deliver efficiencies throughout the lifecycle of each syndicated loan.

HUBX Integrates with Fusion Loan IQ to deliver an end-to-end solution for the loan syndication market.

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Group 1307
  • Sales
  • Prospecting
  • Pricing
  • Structuring
  • Credit Scoring
Group 1306
  • Lender Matching
  • Documentation Sharing
  • Feedback & Market Sounding
  • Bookbuilding
  • Real Time Analytics 
  • Fulfilment
  • Security Taking
  • Loan Servicing
  • Ongoing Lifecycle Management
  • Reporting

Automate & Scale Your Business

HUBX platforms instantly reduce friction by digitising manual steps, helping minimise the cost of execution per deal. Your saving is your client’s saving.

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Surpass Client Expectations

Centralise all negotiations with Borrowers, Lenders and Agent Banks with deal insights in real time, keeping everyone on the same page at all times.

  • Direct client access for faster decision making
  • Manage multiple deals seamlessly, both primary and secondary
  • Advanced deal analytics with secure document sharing

Reduce Risk & Cut Costs

  • Simplified communication and notifications
  • Process automation and controlled permissioning
  • Streamlined monitoring, tracking and auditing
  • Dynamic insights and reduction in errors
75% Execute faster

Syndicate Safely Beyond Your Network

HUBX platforms provide a neutral environment to safely share loan syndication deals and documentation without exposing your proprietary data. Manage your bank’s network effectively to create new connections and identify opportunities faster.

  • Share within your lender network based on dynamic matching insights
  • Identify agent banks and joint bookrunners to work with for each deal
  • Invite other banks to collaborate while protecting network data

Gain The Edge With Powerful Insights

HUBX consolidates data dynamically from across your organisation, systems and network to uncover new trends.

  • Identify targeted opportunities instantly
  • Match lenders to deals based on preferences and behaviour
  • One-Click Reports & Analytics

Bring Your Entire Network Together

Front Office

Deep insights into deal distribution risk, with granular capabilities to track the progress of each transaction.


Continuous lender journey with access to borrower and deal profiles, documentation, feedback tools and orders.


Real time transaction updates, with built-in reporting and data room provide better relationship management and opportunities.


HUBX consolidates users, communications and insights from every stage of the loan and provides powerful book-building tools.

Agent Banks

Agent Banks and Joint Bookrunners can leverage the same secure tools to match, track and bookbuild transactions.

Communication Tools
Coordinate feedback and orders with lenders and banks using built-in tools.
Deal Profile & Data Room
Rich multimedia templates and powerful data room combined to facilitate sharing.
Matching & Preferences
Smart matching tools suggest scores to indicate which lenders are best suited to which deals.
Bookbuilding & Collaboration Tools
Powerful book-building combined with feedback and order submission, make for a more cohesive user-experience for all.
Activity Tracking
Track Lender and Agent Bank activity across all deals, using real time insights and regular updates.
Real Time Analytics
See user activity and deal progression using data and analytics tools and create custom reports directly from the platform.

Make Complex Work Feel Effortless

Communicate and coordinate with all participants without ever leaving the platform and gather valuable feedback to enhance your deal outcomes.

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Deal Profile & Data Room

Garner maximum interest from your lender network by creating beautiful, interactive deal profiles and intuitive, easy-to-use data rooms.


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Matching & Preferences

Give your team the best chance of success with built in smart-tools and algorithms to help identify the best opportunities, deals and lenders.

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Bookbuilding & Collaboration

With a full suite of one-click tools and automated actions, building and managing the book has never been so easy.

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Activity Tracking

Interactions between all participants and deals are tracked throughout the entire lifecycle of the loan and can be leveraged for better decision making by syndication teams.

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Real Time Analytics

Real time reporting on all platform activity gives users valuable insights on deal progression and user interaction on the platform.

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Protect Your Data At All Times

Group 1330

HUBX is based on distributed cloud technology and partners with global infrastructure providers so you can relax in the knowledge that your business is backed by a 99.99% uptime promise.

Group 1332

Upload, store and edit documents in a secure and private data room. Set permissions and access levels on a lender, deal and facility basis to ensure safe and precise data sharing.

Group 1331

Manage confidential contracts, term sheets and proposals synchronized with data on the HUBX platform, using encrypted data fields to ensure maximum integrity across document management activities.

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